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The xvideos indonesia last feelings he had were Bradley's lips on his crotch, and Shawns breath on his face. Part 3 to come in the next couple xvideos red of days. Let me know what you think, and request what you want to see happen to Bradley. You can xxvideo also reuqest other characters you want me to write about. All you gotta do is ask. I reply to every message. soapstudstorieshotmail.co.uk Date: Fri, 10 Oct video x 2003 17:49:18 +0000 From: Blue Boy Subject: Eastenders Benders This story contains scenes of a x.videos sexual nature between consenting adult males and if this offends you, www xvideos.com or if you are underage, or prohibited by law from viewing such material, leave now. This story is based on characters xvideos brasil in the BBC soap Eastenders. It is a work of pure fiction. Nothing in this story should be taken xvideo.com to imply that the characters or the xvideos video actors who play them are gay (as much as you would like them to be x-videos :-). I don't know anything about their true sexualities. The characters and the show are trademarks of and copyright BBC. If you enjoyed this story please let me know at blueboy3649 It had just gone midnight in Albert Square, as Dennis locked up at Angie's Den and started to make the short walk back to his flat. As he crossed www xvideos.com the square, he spotted Martin xx videos Fowler hd xvideos sat on a bench, the very one dedicated to the memory of Martin's dad in fact, in the gardens in the middle xvideos.con of the square. Martin had his head xvideo.com in his hands and looked thoroughly miserable. He only noticed Dennis when he had walked over and was standing right in front www xvideos of him. Martin looked up to see who the shoes belonged to. "Alright, Martin?" Dennis said, cheerfully. "Alright," replied Martin, miserably. "What ya doing sat out xvideos red here porno xvideos on your own?" "Nuffing." "Let me guess - you had another row with your mum?" Martin almost smiled. 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There was something sexy about his glistening wet hair and the way that the few beads of water that hadn't yet dried were xvideos hd clinging to him. xvide "Want a top up?" asked Dennis. "Yeah, cheers," replied Martin, as Dennis filled Martin's glass with more whisky. "Ain'tcha gonna put some clothes on?" asked Martin. "Why, d'you want me to?" asked Dennis. "No - I, www.xvideos er..." "So you don't want me to?" asked Dennis, trying to conceal x.videos a smile. "I... I mean..." stuttered xvideos jp Martin, realising he had landed himself in a bit of a no-win situation. "Well, that's alright then," said xvideos brasil Dennis, as if that settled the matter, and sat down on the couch next to Martin, wearing just a big grin and a small towel. He xvideos 2 sat a little closer to porn xvideos Martin than two mates normally would, but Martin hadn't seemed to notice. "So," Dennis began. "You gonna make it up with your mum?" 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